Western Electric Vintage Wire Cables

Shun Mook Vintgae Wire Cables are all made from N.O.S. old western electric cloth insulated wires. As we know modern plastic and synthetic material used to insulated copper wire deteriorates the sound quality.

Yes, modern wires are design to with stand the heat and stress generated in the copper. This makes the power system safer, but sound wise not good.

Since the electrical demand of high fidelity cable is very mild, we can go back to vintage wires and build various cabling for our needs.

Our WE wire cables use a very critical fixed length. We found out that the length of any cable is most essential. A few microns of change can result in big differences.

So each cable is micro tuned by ear-listening. The special lengths we use are:

Interconnect – 7 feet 

A.C. Mains Cable – 14 feet or  7 feet 

Speaker Cables – 14 feet 

Furthermore, all our cables carry an additional (non-connected) tuning wire. It only wraps around the main conductors and use for fine tuning a system when installed. It acts like a coil winding and thus wrapping or unwrapping one turn or half a turn can adjust the sound easily.


Cable Holders

These are ebony wood holders to lift up cables off the room floor. Each cable is place within a slot in the holder. The sound become much cleaner and more details can be heard.

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